Dog Breeds

Dog Breed Legislation On The Decline

March 8, 2014 Dog Breeds

Dog Breed Legislation On The Decline                   Certain dog breeds have been attacked in Europe and, more recently, the USA。  Every day we see movements bring made against certain dog breeds。  Lately, it has been the Pit Bull Terrier。  In years past it has been German Shepherds, […]

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Doberman Pinschers

June 26, 2012 Dog Breeds

万家彩票开户At a glance: Breed Group: Working dog Height: 24-28 inches Weight: 65-68 pounds Color: blue-grey, black, red, black and tan, white and fawn Life Expectancy: 8-12 Years Feeding: Medium-Demanding Temperament: Alert and biddable Average litter: 3-8 pups History: The breeding of Doberman Pinschers was first done in Germany during the 19th Century by Karl Friedrich […]

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Boston Terrier Characteristics

July 20, 2011 万家彩票开户Non-Sporting Dogs

Boston Terrier Characteristics At a glance: Height: 15 to 17 inches Weight: 6 to 25 lbs Color: brindle and white, black and white, seal and white Life Expectancy: 10-15 yrs Grooming: simple Exercise: undemanding Temperament: Determined Boston Terrier Characteristics – History: The Boston Terrier is said to have been the result of crossing the English […]

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