Dog and Cat Fencing

万家彩票开户Fence For Dogs – One Reason To Say No To A Conventional Fence For Dogs

February 6, 2011 Dog and Cat Fencing

Are you in the market for a fence for dogs?  If you own a dog, chances are you are having to find some means of containing your dog.  The old traditional method of safe and humane containment is the conventional wire or wooden fence.  Is this still the best way to keep your dogs at […]

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Dog Jumping Fence? Here Is What To Do

March 1, 2009 Dog and Cat Fencing

Is your dog jumping fence?  There are literally thousands of canine escape artists out there.  Every day some poor owner is having to take off of work, apologize to the neighbors or spend half the day (or night) looking for their dog again.  All because the fence they spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to […]

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Electric Dog Fence: Does It Work In The Snow?

January 23, 2009 Dog and Cat Fencing

Does the Electric Dog Fence work in the snow? The answer is yes … and no. Read on to find out more: The electric dog fence does actually work in the snow as long as power is to the unit. There are a couple of things that dog and cat owners need to be aware […]

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